Whitney Butters Wilde, Deseret News
Elise Madsen, Deseret News

LAYTON — Gabor Brothers Main Street Grill and Pizzeria can be described in a single word: eclectic.

The restaurant, located at 197 N. Main, offers a range of cuisine as well as a mishmash of decor. The menu includes everything from french fries and hot wings to subs and burgers to pizza and shrimp scampi.

And as far as the decor, with the snowflakes and utensils hanging from the ceiling, a floral painting on the wall, autographed pictures from musicians as varying as Foreigner and Charlie Daniels and a skeleton in a phone booth by the front door, you could say Gabors is a bit quirky, but it works.

The eclectic decor is accompanied by a rock vibe as classics from Eric Clapton and Queen play across the stereo system and the staff maintains a friendly, anything goes-type attitude.

And for a place that isn’t solely focused on pizza, Gabor’s pizza was surprisingly delicious.

I made a stop at the restaurant on a Saturday afternoon between the lunch and dinner rushes, and I’m glad I did because quarters are tight in this little gem. With a small bar with seating and a cramped seating area with about five booths and five tables, even a small crowd could be cause for a wait.

As far as the pizza, Gabor’s menu offers six basic choices: a garden pizza, barbecue chicken, chicken Alfredo, Mongo’s Meat Madness, Main Street Combo and an option to build your own pizza. The menu touts the Main Street Combo as “everyone’s favorite,” so I put the claim to the test.

One bite was all it took for me to understand why it’s a favorite.

The crust — made from fresh dough, according to the waitress — was heavenly. The outer crust was light and airy on the inside but tougher on the outside, and the seasoning made it taste more like a breadstick than crust.

Toppings reign supreme on this pie, with loads and loads of salami, ham, bacon, pepperoni, meatball, sausage, onions, tomatoes, red and orange bell peppers, mushrooms and olives and a sprinkling of grated Parmesan. There was a perfect ratio of each topping, so none were overwhelming as they instead worked in harmony with one another. The sauce and the cheese are subtle and take a back seat to the rest of the toppings though, so if you’re one that prefers pizza heavy on the sauce, this might not be your pizza.

Although it would have been nice for the bottom crust to be a bit more crispy (the slices were floppy and hard to pick up), the pizza was tasty to the last bite, and Gabors is certainly a treasure worth checking out. I know I’ll be going back.

Location: 197 N. Main, Layton

Price: Price varies by toppings but ranges from $13.99-$17.99 for a small to $17.99-$21.99 for a large

Slice score: 6 out of 6