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The Village Drill, a human-powered well designed by BYU engineering students, is now in 23 countries and has brought water to hundreds of thousands of people.

UTubers posted videos this week showing how service can positively influence others. Brigham Young University posted a video depicting how clean water brings communities together while a video released by Mormon Newsroom showed President Henry B. Eyring offering his support to those affected by Hurricane Irma. The Crosbys also discovered the gender of their new baby.

The Crosbys recorded their reaction as they learned the gender of the baby that will soon be joining their family. “It’s awesome. It’s amazing . . . my brain was not expecting that,” said Dave Crosby. Watch the reveal here:

BYU posted a video about a human-powered well, the Village Drill, created by BYU engineering students five years ago. According to the YouTube description, the well has now brought water to 23 different countries. “We felt there was inspiration throughout the design process,” said Nathan Toone, a BYU graduate in mechanical engineering. “And the fact that there were families in Africa that were waiting for this drill was a great motivation the whole time.”

In a recent Studio C parody of the movie "Fast and Furious 7," a man and a woman attempted to say farewell to each another, but it didn’t go as planned. “Love and relationships can be tricky matters. And sometimes you have to let go of what you love for them to come back,” said the YouTube description. “And SOMETIMES, you have to do that over and over and over again!”

President Henry B. Eyring visited the Caribbean after Hurricane Irma. This Mormon Newsroom video shows President Eyring flying to the country and includes aerial footage of the destruction in the area. “It’s easy to be discouraged when things go badly, but you will not be that way,” the apostle said to local Mormons and residents. “You will not fail in this test that you’re going through, and the Lord will bless you. You will rise up to heights you didn’t know you had. You will be the ones who go to the rescue for others.”

Rob Landes took Sam Smith’s new single, “Too Good at Goodbyes,” and broke it up into 15 different harmonies before playing the verse. “I had a blast putting this together, but my challenge was to get as many loops as I could without it sounding too ‘busy’ and getting in the way of Sam's melody,” said Landes in the YouTube description. “How’d I do? I want to know!”

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