Trae Patton/NBC
Evie Clair stands onstage during the semifinals of \"America\'s Got Talent.\"

Evie Clair will compete in the finals of “America’s Got Talent,” reported 12 News. Hillary Abplanalp, Clair’s mother, wrote about the decision on her blog.

“Evie Clair has made the decision to return and compete in the finals of 'America’s Got Talent' after being given the option from Simon to come back next season,” she wrote. “We are happy to be back in LA with the remaining cast, crew and staff who have become like a second family to us this past year.”

Clair’s father, Amos Abplanalp, passed away due to stage 4 colon cancer earlier this month, reported the Deseret News. A father of five, Amos Abplanalp had served as a bishop for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and supported his daughter in her musical goals.

Hillary Abplanalp gave details of the ongoing preparations for the finals, sharing how “America’s Got Talent” has willingly made accommodations for Clair’s religious beliefs.

“The whole staff here at 'America’s Got Talent' is now well-versed in all things Evie Clair,” she wrote on her blog. “They know she has special dress standards and that she needs Sunday mornings off for church.

“The wardrobe lady was so excited to figure out that she could buy two of the same skirts for Evie when they are too short. That way she can layer them so they reach her knees. I told her that was very clever. She also had an open back dress picked out as one option and she told me not to worry because they would sew a back on just for her if that dress was selected by the executives.”

Clair has spoken before of her desire to stay true to her LDS faith, including prioritizing Sundays as the Sabbath day, said the Deseret News.

Hillary Abplanalp also wrote on her blog that she is looking forward to Clair’s performance and encouraged others to tune into the show.

“Some big AGT plans are in the works for both Tuesday and Wednesday of next week,” she said. “You will not want to miss the finale so keep your schedules open and start planning parties to make sure your friends see it too.”