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Whitney Butters Wilde, Deseret News
The chicken alfredo pizza at Two Jacks Pizza in Provo is one of the restaurant's specialty pizzas.

With 1 in 8 Americans consuming it any given day, adding up to 100 acres eaten daily and $37 billion spent on it yearly, it’s safe to say that Americans love pizza — and Utahns are no exception.

We gave Two Jacks Pizza a 2 out of 6 slices.

While Utah isn’t one of the top 10 pizza consuming states like it is for ice cream, it still holds its own and, according to a graphic from Pizza Magazine, has an average number of pizzerias per capita compared to the rest of the 50 states.

According to the same Pizza Magazine graphic, Utah’s pizzerias are predominantly chain restaurants such as Pizza Hut and Dominos, but that doesn’t mean the Beehive State doesn’t have hometown favorites.

In similar fashion to our Wasatch Front Ice Cream Tour, from now until Thanksgiving, I will be sharing my thoughts on a different local pizzeria, judging them based on variety of pies, taste, atmosphere of the store and price.

Two Jacks Pizza

PROVO — Two Jack’s Pizza has been making pizza for more than 25 years, according to its Facebook page, and has many loyal customers.

Google “pizza places in Provo UT,” and Two Jacks comes up as the highest rated pizzeria in Provo on both Google reviews and Yelp.

The company has locations in Spanish Fork and Springville, as well as the one on Center Street in Provo, which is the one I visited.

Two Jacks’ flexible menu has flexible options to please everyone. With pizza sizes ranging from 8 inches to 16 inches, individuals or larger groups can order just the right size, and the pizzeria offers specialty pies in addition to a list of more than a dozen toppings for you to build your own pizza.

The employee working the counter that day indicated that the chicken alfredo pizza is her personal favorite and a popular one, so I ordered an 8-inch Chicken Alfredo and an 8-inch classic pepperoni.

The crust on both pizzas was the best part. It had an ever-so-slight crunch on the outside with a perfectly soft and airy inside.

The toppings on both pizzas, however, left quite a bit to be desired. The sauce on both was unevenly distributed with pockets of too little sauce and others of too much, and the same was true with the cheese on the pepperoni.

But the tomato sauce on the pepperoni had a nice tang to it, and it had a good amount of pepperoni to top it off, even if the pieces were burnt on the edges.

For being a specialty pizza and one of the pizzeria’s best-sellers, however, the chicken alfredo pizza was a letdown. The alfredo sauce was bland, and the strips of chicken tasted like processed precooked chicken from the frozen food aisle of the grocery store.

That being said, the service at Two Jacks in Provo was quick, and the employees courteous. Although the restaurant was a bit dark inside due to the lack of natural light, the cleanliness makes up for it.

Two Jacks certainly isn’t a gourmet pizzeria, but it is a step above frozen and is likely to appeal to students and families — students because it's relatively inexpensive, and families because it's a good fit for children and their undeveloped palates — and it's likely those two groups that are the source of the high praise online.

Locations: Provo, Spanish Fork and Springville

Price: $3.59-$6.99 for 8-inch pizzas to $12.99-$21.99 for 16-inch pizzas

Slice score: 2 out of 6 slices