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The best college town in America isn’t in Utah.

But the third best? Home of the Cougars.

24/7 Wall Street just published rankings of the best college cities to live in, and Provo ranked at the third spot.

The survey admits picking the best college town is subjective, but the rankings used different metrics such as choices of restaurants, how colleges impact the community and how accessible locations in the town are.

“What makes a great college town is obviously subjective,” according to the rankings. “However, the best areas to be a college student should not be so different from the best areas for anyone else. While cities with massive student populations are certainly not necessarily the best college towns, a large body of college-enrolled residents also brings certain benefits for university students.”

Provo received such a high ranking because of its education, as 43.3 percent of the population has a college degree.

That number is higher than the national average of 30.6 percent.

Provo’s choice of restaurants and cafes also pushed it higher on the list.

The one thing that dropped Provo’s rankings? The lack of the bars. Provo only has two bars for every 100,000 people, according to the rankings.

Provo ranked behind Ames, Iowa, and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Boulder, Colo., and Cambridge, Mass., also made it into the top five.

Orem also made the list, finishing at No. 19. The city has a 14.1 percent college enrollment rate, with 35.4 percent of adults having a bachelor’s degree — higher than the national average.

These rankings come as the U.S. News rankings on the best colleges. BYU, which is in Provo, finished at No. 61 on the list overall. Meanwhile, Westminster College placed No. 19 among western universities, according to the Deseret News.