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PROVO — BYU freshman defensive tackle Motekiai Langi talked with the general media for the first time after the Cougars' practice Tuesday and fielded questions ranging from playing his first time for BYU to learning the nuances of the game to carrying out the American flag before the Portland State contest.

"It's coming along. I've got all my boys on the D-line helping me out, and I got the O-line helping me out as well because they know I don't know the game," the 6-foot-7, 410-pounder said.

Langi admitted the attention he is receiving can be overwhelming, and he said the toughest thing about picking up the game of football is learning all the terms.

"I had to Google most of the stuff before I came in," Langi said.

Before the Cougars' 20-6 season-opening win over Portland State last Saturday, Langi was chosen to run the American flag out, leading the team onto the field.

"It was amazing. Just a lot of adrenaline, pretty much," Langi said.

Watch the full interview in the video above.