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Morning Light at Bryce Canyon National Park.

SALT LAKE CITY — On Friday, the U.S. will celebrate the 101st anniversary of national parks. According to the National Park Service, national parks across the nation will be free on Friday, Aug. 25, to celebrate the occasion. That means more than 400 parks around the nation won’t charge entry fees.

It’s no surprise that Utah’s stuffed with plenty of national parks. From those in Salt Lake County to those down in Moab, the Beehive State remains filled to the brim with places to hike and visit.

In fact, new website 10Hikes.com, which offers free locations and resources on hiking, said Utah is a dream location for hikers.

10Hikes founder Richard Campbell said in an email that the website’s readers are always looking for more Utah content because of its specialty.

“Our team of contributors are always telling us to go to Utah, that Utah is a real special place on earth. So we went. And they were right!” he said.

He said Utah should be known for its awesome hikes, too.

"Utah is known for skiing and mountain biking, but it really should be known for hiking,” he said. “From stunning alpine peaks to incredible deserts and canyons, is there any place on earth with this much variety?"

With that in mind, 10Hikes recently put together four lists of Utah’s top hikes, broken down by geographical location.

  • Don’t forget the hikes near Salt Lake City, which include Clayton Peak, Sunset Peak and Red Pine Lake and Pfeifferhorn Ridge.