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Deseret News and Deseret Digital employees taste and rank Utah fry sauces.

Watch to see how these six fry sauces stand up in a blind taste test.

Salt Lake City — If you're from Utah or have lived in Utah, there's a good chance you've eaten it.

Fry sauce — that either magical or vile combination of mayo and ketchup, depending on your taste buds — has been a staple of the Beehive State since Idaho native and Arctic Circle founder Don Carlos Edwards combined the two condiments with some spices and pickle juice in the late 1940s.

While researching the history of fry sauce for an article about Utah foods, Deseret News Arts and Entertainment writer and intern Hannah McDonald, who is relatively new to both fry sauce and Utah, started asking around the newsroom for recommendations of which of all the state's fry sauces are the best.

The question resulted in her creation of this highly scientific fry sauce scorecard and a video (which you can watch here) featuring three Deseret News employees — Jay Evensen, Whitney Wilde and Ben Tullis — and three Deseret Digital employees — McKenna Park, Emily Brady and Bradley Memmott — testing and ranking the following six local fry sauces:

  1. Stephen's Gourmet (bottled)
  2. Greek Souvlaki
  3. Bruges Waffles and Frites
  4. Hires Big H (bottled)
  5. Arctic Circle (bottled)
  6. Crown Burgers
And here are the final rankings, based on the two teams' scorecards:
  1. Greek Souvlaki
  2. Bruges Waffles and Frites
  3. Arctic Circle
  4. Hires Big H
  5. Stephen's Gourmet
  6. Crown Burgers
Do you have a favorite fry sauce that we didn't test? Let us know about it in the comments section.