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Covenant Communications
"The Governess" is by Kristen McKendry.

"THE GOVERNESS," by Kristen McKendry, Covenant Communications, $15.99, 214 pages (f)

Katherine Porter, orphaned at the age of 17, became a ward of her mother's cousin Hugh Fitzgerald and his wife, Martha. Living with constant reminders and remarks of her dependence on their charity, Kate dreams of the day when she can enter high-class society independently and without her cousin's money or connections. As a result, Kate embarks to earn a living by working on her own.

After bad luck with a string of jobs, Kate finds herself unemployed and about to give up hope on her dreams. Just as she is about to admit defeat and return to the charity of her relatives, she lands a job as a governess with Alonzo Colaco, an Italian gentleman with two children. Kate imagines her new workplace as a grand house surrounded by high society, but she discovers Alonzo is not the wealthy gentleman she thought. Instead, Alonzo is a tinker by trade, drives a gypsy wagon and lives in the woods in an old train car.

Unable to secure any other positions, Kate becomes resigned to her circumstance, biding her time until a better position comes along. Yet when an opportunity to enter high-class society does present itself, Kate must decide if her dreams are really what she wants after all.

"The Governess" is a fun historical romance set in Canada. The plot, although slightly predictable, has a twist at the end that will delight readers rooting for Kate in her journey to find true happiness.

There is no foul language, questionable content, violence or sexual innuendos.

"The Governess" is the most recent title published by Kristen McKendry, a Utah native who now lives in Canada with her family. McKendry received a Mississauga Arts Council MARTY Award in Established Literature Arts in 2012 and was nominated for a 2011 Whitney Award, which recognizes work by authors who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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