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The Utah State Capitol is located on Capitol Hill, overlooking downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. It is the home of the Utah State Legislature, the Governor of Utah, Lieutenant Governor of Utah, the Utah Attorney General, the Utah State Treasurer, and the Utah State Auditor.

Growing up is hard, but Utah makes it a little easier.

A new survey from ranked all 50 states on how great a place they are to grow old in. The rankings were based on categories including quality of care, cost of living and available health care.

The rankings also included the median monthly cost for an assisted-living facility.

And it was the Beehive State that topped the list, with a median monthly cost of $2,950.

Utah ranked ahead of Iowa, South Carolina, Washington and Nebraska.

On the flip side, Wyoming, North Dakota, New York, Indiana and West Virginia bottomed out on the list.

Tim Sullivan, vice president at, told Bloomberg that this ranking is about more than just retirement. It’s about growing old.

“One reason we call this report the best states to grow old, versus best states to retire, is because it’s really important for people to plan out their 60s, 70s and 80s with as much care as they plan their retirement in their 30s, 40s and 50s,” Sullivan told Bloomberg. “Your needs change as you age, and they are not always going to be driven by the sort of leisure or amenities or weather considerations that are what a lot of people think about retirement.”

The high ranking for Utah comes during the same week Salt Lake City ranked highly in a WalletHub report on the best cities to retire. The Beehive State capitol finished at the sixth spot on the list.

More recent reports have ranked Utah as a good place to retire. It ranked as the 11th-best state in a survey, but placed second on a list.