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"Sense and Second Chances"

"SENSE & SECOND CHANCES," by Brittany Larsen, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 256 pages (f)

Life has not followed Emily Carter’s plans. After her parents’ sudden death in a plane crash, this Californian finds herself as the guardian of her two younger siblings. Emily has already made sacrifices by putting her career on hold to help her sister and brother navigate through their sorrows when she’s told they’ll need to leave the only home they’ve ever known in “Sense and Second Chances.”

While Emily attempts to help her teen actress sister rebound from depression and resurrect her acting career, her older half-brother continues his mounting pressure for them to move out. Although she wants to take her anger out on Joel Rickman, the good-looking Jewish contractor who's been hired to remodel the kitchen, Emily instead finds herself irresistibly attracted to him. Even though the two seem meant for each other, Emily, who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, insists on breaking things off because of their differences in religion.

Then, when a move to Utah becomes necessary, Emily is sure that a future between her and Joel will never work. But even when a scandal threatens to hurt her family during a pivotal time of her huge business venture, Emily finds she still can’t keep Joel off her mind. Emily starts to wonder if her plans of an LDS temple marriage could have somehow worked out with Joel.

“Sense and Second Chances” is a great novel about the importance of religion and maintaining values. While this LDS romance novel is a fun read and has a great plot, the middle portion of the book lags a bit because some of the characters introduced in the first half of the book no longer appear. However, author Brittany Larsen manages to pull things off with a great finish that can leave readers hungry for more of her writing.

“Sense and Second Chances” is a clean romance novel with no violence or profanity and romance that doesn’t go beyond kissing.

Originally from Idaho, Larsen lives in California with her husband and three daughters.

Elizabeth Reid has bachelor's degrees in economics and history. A wife and mother, she loves learning people's love stories and blogs about her own at agoodreid.blogspot.com.