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Cedar Fort
"Love and Betrayal: Stories of Hope to Help You Heal from Your Husband's Pornography Addiction" is by Carmel White and Natalie Milne.

"LOVE AND BETRAYAL: Stories of Hope to Help You Heal from Your Husband's Pornography Addiction," by Carmel Parker White and Natalie Black Milne, Cedar Fort, $14.99, Cedar Fort, 190 pages (nf)

After discovering their husbands were addicted to pornography, the LDS women interviewed in “Love and Betrayal” experienced a gamut of emotions from despair to bewilderment to hope. This new book focuses on how to support and encourage women who have been betrayed by those they trusted most.

Many women mistakenly think they are somehow to blame for a spouse viewing pornography, the authors share. After discovery, they neglect their own anguish to focus on helping their husbands heal. Eventually, they realize that whether their husbands overcome or succumb to pornography addictions, it is unrelated to their own healing.

Although at times heart-rending, reading about these LDS women, who range from newlyweds to having decades-old marriages, and how they dealt with husbands addicted to pornography, ultimately leaves readers with feelings of hope instead of despair.

As the interviewed women open their hearts, readers learn how they discovered the pornography use, whether their husbands confessed, if their LDS leaders helped, and ultimately, whether their marriages survived. Then, through excerpts of professional therapists and inspired writings by LDS prophets, authors Carmel Parker White and Natalie Black Milne show that women who have suffered through pornography-drenched marriages can still find peace.

“Love and Betrayal” is a great resource for anyone who has been touched by the effects of pornography. Pornography users can benefit by understanding how their actions affect loved ones. Those married to addicts can find myriad ideas and hope and leaders in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can learn how to better help victims.

“Love and Betrayal” has clean language. Because it deals with the intimacies of marriage and the devastating effects of pornography, it is best read by a mature audience.

White has a doctorate in lifespan human development and lives in Sandy. Milne has done graduate work in family studies and lives in New Mexico.

Elizabeth Reid has bachelor's degrees in economics and history. A wife and mother, she loves learning people's love stories and blogs about her own at agoodreid.blogspot.com.