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Manufacturers are stepping up their game by delivering food products that actually taste good, devices that are powered by the sun, and methods to keep water fresh that won't break the bank or your back. These products are on the cutting-edge of technology and will certainly give your preparedness level a quantum leap forward.

Check out these six innovations to learn how to survive a disaster with good food, clean water and fully charged electronic devices.

Ultra efficient wood burning stove that charges your devices

BioLite has developed an astonishing new ultra efficient stove powered by sticks, leaves and pinecones. The grill top called the CampStove Bundle burns twigs to cook food and charge devices. That’s right, the fire heats an element that generates enough energy to power a fan to superheat the fire and a surplus of energy to recharge your electronic devices. Perhaps the most interesting observation is that it only takes a few sticks and about 4.5 minutes to boil a liter of water. So when your favorite drink shop is swept away, you can still have your favorite hot drink and check Facebook, too.

The typical MSRP on this stove is about $200, but use the code DESERET to receive 15% off at beprepared.com.

Powerful Solar Flashlight

Solar power conjures thoughts of low-lit landscape lights, but The Torch 250 Flashlight is a solar light with a long lasting and powerful 4400 mAh lithium ion battery and a spotlight feature that shines an impressive 250-lumen beam. The spotlight can fully illuminate objects over 100 feet away. It’s loaded with numerous other features which include a flood light, red light, and can charge an iPhone 2.5 times on a single charge.

You’ll always have a way to get light. If the sun is darkened and a USB port isn’t available, you can generate the power with an available hand crank. It’s an amazing piece of equipment.

The Torch 250 Flashlight typically sells for around $79, but use the code DESERET to receive 15% off at beprepared.com.

Easy Water Cycling

Do you have old drums of water? Drums can be a hassle to clean which is why most barrels of water grow stale in barns, garages, and basements all across America. If the water becomes foul it could pose a considerable health threat during an emergency.

Emergency Water LLC manufactures a device to combat stale water called the EZ Drum Cycler; they’re the drum caps that attach to garden hoses for easy cycling. To cycle simply add bleach, attach the cyclers to the drum and then attach your garden hoses to the cyclers. Run water for about an hour and the result is great-tasting, drinkable water.

The EZ Drum Cycler retails for $44.95 but use the code DESERET to receive 15% off at beprepared.com.

Also, if you need a 55-gallon poly drum, Walmart has a good price. You can have it shipped to store for about $51. Check it out here.

Homemade 10,000 Gallon Water Filter

Most preppers have at least a 72-hour stash of water, but many lack a good backup plan for water if conditions turn severe. You don’t have to be MacGyver to assemble this hack for treating surface water. Emergency Water LLC shows how to make a very effective water treatment system that will treat 10,000 gallons of surface water with components available at your local hardware store. You can build it yourself for less than $100. Click here to learn how. You can get individual components or a fully assembled kit for about $150 with free shipping by visiting The 10,000 Gallon Water Treatment Kit webpage.

Instant Meals that Actually Taste Good

Mountain House has really changed the food storage game when it comes to freeze-dried Meals. They have legit freeze-dried meals, not just ingredients. Just like MREs, Mountain House meals last for 30+ years, but unlike MREs, these meals actually taste good. Available meals include Chicken Teriyaki, Pasta Primavera, Beef Stroganoff, Chicken and Rice, Lasagna, Beef Stew, and a variety of others.

Cooking is easy. Just open the bag, add boiling water, and zip the top for about 8-10 minutes, and presto. You have edible meals packed with all the fuel needed for sustaining life.

Meals cost about $8.95. Use the code DESERET for an additional 15% off at beprepared.com.

Flameless Heat

In an emergency, you’ll thrive if you have a source of familiar and comforting food. Hydroheat Flameless Cooker, in tandem with Mountain House products, will improve the chances of surviving well in a disaster situation. It’s also a smart way to pack for a campout.

Hydroheat is a revolutionary way to reconstitute freeze dried meals. It has two basins that nest within each other. Adding a heat packet to water in the lower basin causes a reaction which heats the upper basin nested on top. Food is heated to perfection within about 10 minutes. It’s incredibly fast and cleanup is a cinch.

The Hydroheat flameless cooker sells for $29.95. You can buy it with three Mountain House meals for $59.95. Save an additional 15% by using coupon code DESERET at beprepared.com.