Tanner comes from outside of the political establishment. Some have tried to make this a political liability. I view it as a great strength. Political offices aren’t promotions, they’re opportunities to serve. I know Tanner. He’s smart, hard working, a man of integrity, and his background in business and law uniquely qualifies him to help fix our federal fiscal mess. He’ll help cut federal spending, cut our taxes, and reduce the national debt.

I just finished serving in my first legislative session as the Utah state senator representing Tanner’s district. It was a wonderful experience. One of the reasons we get things right in Utah, is that we are required to balance our state budget, every year. Tanner’s message for fiscal responsibility focused on our national spending problem and cutting government waste resonates strongly with me. He also has creative solutions to help simplify the 70,000-page tax code.

I’m a small business owner. I have 150 employees and I know how hard it is to deal with the burdens of regulation. Tanner understands this intimately. He’s worked with hundreds of businesses, and has seen the same damage to economic growth that occurs when government gets in the way of business and economic growth.

Tanner is fiercely supportive of state’s rights, and believes the idea that government decisions are best made at the local level. He knows Utah is a model for how Washington should be, and I trust his commitment to this principle.

I’ve been impressed with Tanner’s demeanor and character. He’s a very hard worker who would represent our district with the same energy and enthusiasm he’s lived his life – He’ll get stuff done.

I ask you to give him your consideration and to let him earn your vote.

Daniel Hemmert

Utah State Senate (14)