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Letters to the Editor

As a woman who wishes to have a family, I read Hal Boyd's article with interest. However, ultimately, I found it quite alarmist. Looking outside of my window, I see no population "winter." There are plenty of people here and no sign that the species is about to collapse. There is, however, ample evidence that overpopulation and overconsumption are doing permanent damage to our planet.

We are 7.5 billion strong right now. Within my lifetime of 31 years, we reached 7 billion. Clearly the population is booming worldwide, and I guarantee that every human born on this earth wants to own a car and flip a switch for light. The more humans, the more carbon we burn, the worse the planet — and our species — fares. How can this continue? What will the outcome be when we're 10, 15, 50 billion souls?

Nobody's trying to stop us all from having kids. They're just saying think about it first.

Anna Gooding-Call

Salem, Massachusetts