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Courtesy NeoNam and ClickMechanic.com
Woody (Ford F100)

Will there be a "Cars 4" in the future?

Earlier this year, “Cars 3” earned $196 million worldwide so far, securing $53 million in its opening weekend, according to Box Office Mojo.

The movie topped the box office during its opening weekend. But reviewers said the film might have had too many adult themes for children to truly understand, according to the Deseret News.

It remains unclear if there will be a fourth film, but there are some theories about its potential story floating around the internet.

ClickMechanic, an online website that offers instant quotes on prices for fixing cars, created eight alternative Pixar cars that mash both characters from the Cars series and other Pixar films.

For example, one of the cars is a Ford F-100 called “Woody.” And, yes, it’s a car that looks like the doll Woody from “Toy Story.”

“Our beloved friend Woody is loyal, reliable and comes from a time long ago,” ClickMechanic wrote about the alternative car. “What else could he be but a classic Ford F100, America’s favourite pickup truck? This sturdy blast from the past was the bestselling vehicle in the USA for more than two decades, only to be later replaced by more modern vehicles.”

The list also includes a Buzz Lightyear vehicle, as well as a mockup of a Mr. Incredible (from "The Incredibles"), a Dory (from "Finding Nemo"), and a Wall-E (from "Wall-E") self-driving car.

You can see the entire list over at ClickMechanic.