Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
The Mountain View Corridor, looking north from Riverton, is seen from the air on Monday, March 6, 2017.

David and Shirley Montgomery just finished a nationwide road trip that took them through all 3,119 counties in America, according to The Lincoln Journanal Star in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The couple’s most recent road trip took them through Utah and surrounding states. They passed through Promontory Point after they blazed through Fort Bridger in Wyoming.

These were some of the more boring destinations on their list, according to the Journal Star.

The highlights came on July 1, when they drove through Custer County and Oneida County, Idaho, which capped off their journey, the Journal Star reported.

It took the couple more than a decade to cross through every county.

“I didn’t feel a whole lot different than I did 3 feet before I crossed the line,” Shirley Montgomery told The Journal Star.

The couple returned home to fill out their map, hanging in their home in Lincoln, Nebraska.

And that’s when they realized the weight of what they had accomplished.

“This is cool. This is it,” she said. “I feel pretty good about this.”

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