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Provided by Lorin Smaha
Freshies Lobster Co. was recently named No. 13 on BuzzFeed's list of top 25 lobster rolls in America.

A Portland, Maine, competition just crowned the king of the lobster roll.

And the winning roll didn’t come from the lobster capital of the country, Maine, or even New England, but Utah.

According to The Boston Globe, Park City’s Freshies lobster roll defeated 11 contenders for the Down East magazine’s top prize.

The magazine’s owners, Ben and Lorin Smaha, posted a picture with their trophy on Instagram.

Judge Michael Stern said Park City’s roll won because of its well-balanced ingredients.

“That first one was such a well-balanced lobster roll,” Stern told the Bangor Daily News. “The meat was great, the bun was great, the seasoning was great, it was just kind of perfect.”

World's best lobster roll announced

Posted by BDN Portland on Saturday, July 8, 2017

The lobster roll made BuzzFeed’s recent list of the best 25 lobster rolls nationwide. BuzzFeed used Yelp data to build its rankings.

Lorin Smaha told the Deseret News that the restaurant felt excited to be listed on BuzzFeed’s compilation.

“We were really excited (to be featured on the list),” said Smaha, owner and founder of Freshies Lobster, said in an interview. “We really try to keep it very authentic and fresh. We use fresh lobster meat and don’t add a lot of fillers to it. We kind of let the lobster shine so you can tell that it’s quality lobster.”

BuzzFeed’s list highlighted the store’s ability to make the sandwich in 24 hours. That is to say, the lobster meat is caught, processed and served in Maine, sent to Boston and then Utah all in one day.

Only eight hours has passed by the time Freshies picks up the product.

Lorin Smaha said the roll’s simplicity gives it an edge.

“We have a couple other items on our menu that play around with different flavors with the lobster, and that’s great and people love it, but I think people just love the flavor of butter and lobster, and put it in a little toasted bun and that’s really all you need,” she told the Deseret News.