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Tyler Tate, T Squared Action Sports
Harry Bink; Nitro World Games; Salt Lake City, Utah, June 23, 2017.

SALT LAKE CITY — In an event that pushes the progression of action sports to another level, the Nitro World Games pushed even further in front of a packed Rice-Eccles Stadium.

"That crowd was unreal," said Pastrana. "The Utah crowds are so loud and they push every athlete to bring it. As fans their passion also comes with a knowledge about the sports and they know when something special is happening in front of their eyes."

2017 Nitro World Games winners

Scooter: Ryan Williams

Skateboard Best Trick: Elliot Sloan

BMX Triple Hit: Colton Walker

FMX Freestyle: Levi Sherwood

BMX Best Trick: Ryan Williams

FMX Best Trick: Harry Bink

Tyler Tate is the owner and operator of T Squared Action Sports and the senior action sports analyst for 120 Sports TV and USA Today Action Sports. Follow him at T Squared Sports.