Jensen Arnold and Tristan Sosa performing a samba for their audition on "So You Think You Can Dance."

Jensen Arnold and Tristan Sosa of Provo, Utah, have made it to the next round on the 14th season of Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance."

Arnold, whose sister, Lindsay Arnold, was previously on the show in season nine, and Sosa started ballroom dancing together when she was 11 and he was 12. They said on the show that they separated for a time but got back together for their audition that aired Monday, June 19.

Jensen Arnold said it has always been her dream to audition on "So You Think You Can Dance," especially after seeing her sister, who she looks up to, perform on the show.

"Jensen is such a beautiful person and dancer," Lindsay Arnold said on the show. "It's so cool to see her starting her career the same way that I did, and I know the judges are going to love her."

Judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy both recognized Jensen Arnold when she came on stage for her audition, commenting on how much she looked like her sister. Lythgoe also suggested a possible romance between Sosa and Arnold, which Sosa firmly denied and then got teased for.

Arnold wore a bright lime green two piece with fringe next to Sosa's traditional black Latin outfit as they performed a sassy samba number that had the judges fawning.

"Girl, you are a star," said judge Vanessa Hudgens to Arnold after the performance. "You dance so beautifully. I can tell you enjoy doing it. You stayed connected to us. You kept us engaged. You sparkle. You are so adorable. I love watching you."

"I got to be honest and say it was girls like you when I was growing up that got me into dancing," Lythgoe said to Arnold.

Murphy noted that the partners were a little out of sync, likely from not performing together for a time, but was otherwise also complimentary.

"Jensen, you have so much personality. I actually can't keep my eyes off of you," she said. "Tristan, you're looking good, nice and strong. I see great things for you guys."

The judges then offered Arnold and Sosa their tickets to "the academy" callback rounds in Los Angeles. At the end of the academy, 10 "all-star" judges will select the dancers that will move on to the top 10, who will compete live each week for America's votes.

"So You Think You Can Dance" auditions will continue next Monday on Fox.