Here they come again.

The Jimmermaniacs that say Jimmer Fredette never got a fair chance. And that he can still find a spot in the NBA.

The latest bleep on the radar was a video last week that showed him making 92 of 100 3-point shots at a charity event. But there’s nobody guarding him. And the passes are finding him in rhythm. And it’s only an exhibition.

Still. The stroke is sweet.

Fredette has played for four NBA teams and twice that many coaches. I thought he would be a role player for 10 years in the NBA. I didn’t predict he’d become a cult hero in China. At this point, all those NBA teams and coaches can’t be wrong.

Here is an interesting look via from 2015. As far as I can tell, that’s what coaches still think.

On a personal level, I’d like to see Fredette play regularly in the NBA. He was one of the more exciting college players I’ve seen. And a truly deserving person. That’s not reason to give someone a contract, but it is a reason to hope good things happen for him.

But on an objective level, it’s fair to say the Jimmer phenomenon has played out. The adjustments he needed to make didn’t happened. At 28, he won’t ever be the pro people expected. That’s not his coaches’ fault. And it’s not necessarily all Fredette’s fault. Lack of size and speed are nobody’s blame. Unwillingness to adjust his game to what his coaches expect?

That could be on him.

Regardless, I’ll remember the phenomenal college career he had. And watch for those quirky stories like him making 92 of 100 3-pointers, or scoring 73 point in China.

NBA or not, he’s never going to stop being a story.