Alex Goodlett, Deseret News
Imam Yussuf Abdi exits security at the Salt Lake City airport on Sunday, June 18, 2017.

Here’s a look at the news for June 19.

Detained Muslim leader returns to Utah

A Utah Muslim leader finally arrived home Sunday after he was barred from returning to the United States, according to the Deseret News.

Imam Yussuf Abdi had visited Kenya in hopes of moving his wife and two children to Salt Lake City. His family had permission to fly, but Abdi was denied entry to a Qatar Airways flight last week, with officials telling him he was on a no-fly list.

"The day we planned (to) travel, they told us you cannot come to America anymore," he told the Deseret News. "I wanted to bring all of my children and my wife. They were very happy to come to America, but when they found out their father cannot travel, they were very sad also, very shocked."

Abdi said he was detained in Kenya “because we are Muslim,” according to the Deseret News.

He returned Sunday, though, meeting family and friends in the airport.

"It's a great day today. I'm so happy," he said.

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U. will now offer a degree in gaming

The University of Utah’s Board of Trustees approved a new Bachelor of Science in games, which will offer programs for the job market associated with video games, the Deseret News reported.

Students interested in this field have taken classes in the School of Computing and the Division of Film Studies. They’ve also applied for master’s degrees in the field since 2010, according to the Deseret News.

Roger Altizer, co-founder of the Entertainment Arts & Engineering program, said the program has received enough nationwide attention to merit its own degree.

"We've gotten big enough to the point where we can offer our own degree now in games as opposed to a film degree focusing on games or a computer science degree focusing on games," he said.

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London attack to be treated as terror attack

Over the weekend, a man drove a van into a group of worshippers outside a north London mosque, killing one man and injuring 10 others, according to BBC.

Prime Minister Theresa May called the attack “every bit as sickening” as other recent attacks to hit the United Kingdom, BBC reported.

"Hatred and evil of this kind will never succeed,” she said, according to BBC.

May said the attack will be treated as a terrorism incident.

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New report on minimum wage in Utah

A new report found that Utah residents who make minimum wage would have to work 94 hours in a work week to afford a two-bedroom apartment, according to the Deseret News.

The lowest wage that could afford an apartment in the Beehive State is $17.02 per hour on average, which is the 25th-lowest wage across the nation, the Deseret News reported.

Utah’s current minimum wage stands at $7.25 per hour.

As the Deseret News reported, this reality shows people must sometimes choose between working a lot of hours or affording a home.

"A severely (rent) cost-burdened household is often one unexpected bill away from losing their home," housing coalition spokeswoman Lisa Marlow told the Deseret News. "One emergency puts them behind in paying for their housing. Families in this situation are likely to experience greater stress (and) poorer health."

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LeBron James holds a birthday party for his son

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James celebrated his son Bryce’s 10th birthday with a party full of sports.

In a video James shared on Instagram, the NBA star dunked on children.

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