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The 2002 NBA draft features several players who've enjoyed long careers in the league, including one former Utah Jazz big man.

The 2002 NBA draft was loaded with players who had long careers as contributors, but there weren't many stars. While 15 players played at least 10 seasons, only four players made at least one All-Star game.

Of the 57 players drafted in the two rounds, 48 players appeared in an NBA game, including 36 players who played at least three seasons according to

There were also some very talents players who slipped through the cracks in the draft but had some very solid careers as undrafted free agents.

Note: There were only 28 first-round picks, instead of 29, because the Minnesota Timberwolves forfeited their pick.

Here is a look at how the 2002 draft would have gone if we knew then, what we know now.