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Letters to the Editor

I don’t live in an area of extreme weather events or drought that would cause me to leave my home to become a refugee. Yet, I do live in a nice home in the valley, breathing the polluted air that continues to plague us. None of us escape these effects of a warming climate ... not even those in a gated community.

The “airpocalypse” of the Wasatch Front is one of many consequences of a warming planet. Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is working to reverse this trend so we can achieve a safe, healthy planet. This week, 1,300 CCL volunteers gathered in D.C. to discuss Carbon Fee and Dividend (CF&D) legislation with 500 members of Congress (MOCs). CCL’s proposal places an increasing price (fee) on the carbon emissions that warm and pollute our air and water. The fee is remitted pro rata to taxpayers. This plan allows the “market effect” to level the playing field in the growing competition to develop innovative and cheaper clean energy.

Will our legislators consider adopting CF&D policy? Studies show that 87 percent of our MOCs are most impacted by their constituents' input. Ask your MOCs to support CF&D legislation. Ask your representative to join the House Climate Solutions Caucus as Rep. Mia Love has done, so we can all breathe easier.

Karen Jackson

Salt Lake City