Deseret News
Letters to the Editor

Brad Larson’s letter (“Unbiased Deseret News?,” June 9) shows what is wrong with politics. Larson thinks “conservative” is the same everywhere. Political and religious conservative are not the same thing, but they do overlap.

Larson thinks the Deseret News promulgates “the most ‘liberal’ news stories in existence” by using the Associated Press (AP). The AP is listed as center by the bias-rating groups. The AP is owned by the newspapers who use its services, including conservative newspapers. If the AP went too far to the left or right, newspapers would be dropping it.

Larson praised Sen. Mike Lee’s piece on climate change, yet derided the political cartoon opposite of Lee’s piece. Larson called this schizophrenic. An excellent editorial section is when it has different points of views. Getting one’s information only from Fox News/Breitbart or MSNBC/Mother Jones makes one an uninformed lemming only able to regurgitate what’s fed to them. I want to hear what all sides have to say, as this makes me better informed and open to new ways of thinking. I want to hear all sides so I can make up my own mind.

Bryan White

South Jordan