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A race car in a video from LDS Living.

A frightening incident during a race caused his father to reconsider his auto racing career, Jonathan Cavender relates in a Father’s Day video from LDS Living.

“He spun out,” said Cavender in the video. “The only thing he could think about was my older brother going through life without a father. And that worried him to the point where he stopped auto racing.”

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The video related how his father held on to his love of racing but gave up participating. “He had sacrificed something like that for me,” Cavender said. “There was never any doubt to us that we meant more to him than racing did.”

Cavender remembered his dad helping him and his brothers with their Pinewood Derby cars, sacrificing his time and even his own racing trophies to make the cars the best.

In that and other ways, his father showed him important values, even godly ones. “My first idea of what Heavenly Father was like came from my father,” he said in the video.

Watch the video here.