David Vincent, AP
PSG's David Beckham celebrates after the scoring a goal against Rennes during their French League One soccer match, in Rennes, western France, Saturday, April 6, 2013. (AP Photo/David Vincent)

Every state has a favorite baby name.

Time magazine recently reviewed data for the most popular baby names across the country. But instead of focusing on the most trendy names, Time identified which name had the highest ranking in one state more than it did in another.

Time only considered names that appeared in 10 states since some names don’t appear in all states.

For Utah, those names were Quincy for girls and Beckham for boys.

Beckham, which many will recognize as the last name of soccer star David Beckham, has long had popularity in Utah.

Time included map of the popularity of baby names over time. You can see in the pictures below that Beckham has had a unique popularity in Utah since the 1920s.

Meanwhile, Quincy for girls is only now hitting its highest ranking in the Beehive State.

Meanwhile, in Idaho, Jaylee topped the list for girls and Mccoy for boys. Colorado saw Jazlyn top the list for girls and Augustine for boys. Nevada had Roselyn top the list for girls and Romeo for boys.

“It may seem surprising that a few relatively common names show up in larger states, but this is to be expected given that there are nearly 10,000 names to compete with across the United States,” according to Tim. “In general, more common names tend to have higher rankings in places with large populations.”

You can see the full list at Time, where you can also enter in your own name and see where it has its highest and lowest ranking.