Deseret News
Letter to the editor.

The early months of the Trump presidency are further proof of his problematic mental stability and capacity. Some have attributed much of his unpredictable behavior to a damaging personal insecurity. How else to explain his confusion of right and wrong with winning and losing, where winning (real or fake) is an obsession and others are blamed for failure? Then there are his outsized boasting and grandiose claims, his need for constant attention and his feral, scorched-earth response to personal slights and challenges to his authority. It is as if his very existence were in question. Compounding the consequences of Trump’s alternate reality are a legendary short attention span and a lack of reflection and judgment. The implications are ominous.

No less an authority than the former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has warned that America’s institutions are “under assault.” A distinguished journalist observes how Trump’s penchant for using words to lie and to cover up lies and turning words and phrases into their opposite “destroys language.” Discourse is stripped of meaning.

“Trump being Trump” is no joke. I agree with others that in the face of mounting criticism he will at some point resign, claiming victory.

Andrew McDonald

Ivins, Washington County