Deseret News
Letters to the Editor

A poll last week by the respected Harvard University found that 93 percent of articles about President Trump in his first 100 days in office, by the 10 major news outlets, were decidedly negative. I find that most local new articles, including those in the Deseret News, are mere reprints of liberal Associated Press news articles. There are no articles from the more conservative Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, Economist, etc.

Many of us who voted for Trump do not like his personal style or tweets, but we accept the fact that he is not a career politician (thank goodness) and that he comes from a free enterprise background. That said, I cannot object to any of his policy decisions, including reducing burdensome government regulations, selecting a suburb Supreme court nominee in Gorsuch, increasing spending to a depleted military, moving to make America energy independent, showing courage in bombing Syrian facilities that murdered its own people by gassing, returning international respect to America, etc. I prefer to see fewer negative Trump stories coming from anonymous sources until the facts are in hand.

Vaughn Pulsipher