Deseret News
Letters to the Editor

I am pleased that the former Utah Representative legislator Chris Herrod has declared his candidacy for the 3rd Congresional District to replace the outgoing Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who decided to dishonor the tradition of remaining in office with his resignation right after his re-election.

Mr. Herrod is the logical choice to take on the problems of illegal immigration, government waste and abuse, and, especially most baneful, political correctness.

In fact, I wrote the e-mail to Mr. Herrod via his web site, "Unconventional Conservative" ( to prod him to run for the 3rd Congressional District seat almost a week prior to his announcement.

Mr. Herrod is a true, consistent, concerned, humble, and principled all-American patriotic conservative, unlike the impostering likes of Chaffetz and his predecessor Chris Cannon who are only ambitious and listen to special interests rather than the constituency that they routinely ignore.

I will be changing my "unaffiliate" status to vote for Mr. Herrod in the closed Utah Republican Party primary.

Aaron Heineman