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"The Legend of Shadow High" is by Shannon and Dean Hale.

LDS Utah authors, husband-and-wife Shannon and Dean Hale, will be taking on a new Ever After High/Monster High mashup book series, starting with "The Legend of Shadow High," according to Entertainment Weekly.

Both middle grade series are based on popular Mattel doll franchises. Monster High was created by Garrett Sander, and its books were authored by Lisi Harrison. The Hales are the authors of the Ever After High book series.

Now, the Hales get to take the Monster High characters inspired by cinema's famous monsters — Frankenstein, werewolves, mummies, Dracula, etc. — and combine them with the Ever After High fairy tale characters they're already familiar with.

“I had the time of my life writing the first four Ever After High books,” said Shannon Hale in a statement. “Playing in that world allowed me to create adventure and humor and some of my favorite characters to write dialogue for. When Mattel and Little, Brown asked my husband and I to co-write a new book, we jumped at the chance. Our goals with this book were to make it epic and make it hysterical. I truly can’t wait for readers to see it.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, in "The Legend of Shadow High," the Monster High characters will be transported to the world of Ever After High where they will team up with Raven Queen and Apple White to defeat the Evil Queen as she tries to take the power hidden inside Shadow High for herself. The characters have to work together with the reader to save the world, and the novel will include write-in pages that allow the reader to influence the course of the story.

"The Legend of Shadow High" is set to release Oct. 17. Visit Entertainment Weekly to preview an excerpt from the book.