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Letters to the Editor

Are we alone in the universe? Will we always be alone? Ever since man stood up straight, he has looked to the stars and wondered. The universe is so big, so vast, so prodigious in size it does not make sense that humans have been and will be the only intelligent species ever. We know there are eight planets in our solar system, but did you know there are billions and billions of solar systems in our galaxy?

Scientists estimate there are somewhere along the order of 100 billion galaxies in the universe — a number so unfathomably large our finite minds have difficulty grasping it. For reference, a billion seconds ago the year was 1985. Plus, we've just barely started our search and just barely scratched the surface.

Things in the cosmos take a lot of time. Even the earliest messages we've sent via radio signal to anyone out there with listening ears has only relatively started its journey across our own galaxy, assuming the messages are traveling at the speed of light. We're just getting started.

Jacob Hales