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Letters to the Editor

Over the past several years, Congressman Jason Chaffetz has been remarkably persistent in his focus on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. Along with President Trump, Chaffetz has repeatedly attacked Clinton’s credibility, arguing that she cannot be trusted with classified information.

Unfortunately we learned yesterday that it is President Trump who cannot be trusted with classified information. Reliable news sources are reporting that President Trump recently revealed highly classified secrets to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador in a White House meeting. This was a shocking breach of intelligence perpetrated by our commander in chief in the Oval Office. It occurred shortly after the president fired the FBI director, who had been investigating the Trump campaign for possible collusion with Russia in influencing the election. We can guess how Jason Chaffetz would have responded if Hillary Clinton had behaved in this way.

Congressman Chaffetz, nobody cares about Clinton’s emails anymore. She lost the election. You won that fight. But now our commander-in-chief has shown himself to be incapable of safeguarding state secrets. We need the chairman of the House Oversight Committee to investigate this matter with the same enthusiasm he showed in investigating Clinton’s emails.

Ian Warrington

Washington, D.C.