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Letters to the Editor

We fly the flag at half mast and sing the national anthem at sports events with earnest intent of heart and utter evacuation of mind. What is the purpose of our patriotism if it is not to declare to ourselves and everyone else that we know and love the first principles of a democratic society? But we do not know those principles.

We believe democracy consists of voting and protecting people from attack at home and abroad. But democracy actually has more to do with consent of the people to new laws, human rights and human responsibility.

Our executive departments of government have become branches on steroids, while the other two branches have become little appendices with little power. Our people do not consent to major laws or to wars of any size. We have turned over our right to privacy to the National Security Agency. And we exercise little opportunity to be directly involved in government.

We are a hypocritical, blind, faithless people. No wonder we can't hold on to our homes, our jobs, our children, our communities. We are too busy looking in the mirror and lowering our flags to half mast.

Robert Shinkoskey

Woods Cross