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David Archuleta dances on top of a building in Salt Lake City in his music video "Up All Night."

The inspiration for David Archuleta’s “Up All Night” began two years ago when the artist said he was “lost and confused and wondering where I was going in my life.” Turns out all Archuleta really needed to get back on track was a getaway—but rather than opting for a Caribbean cruise or an exotic trip across the world, Archuleta accepted an invitation from a family to spend time in rural Tennessee.

Archuleta said he found himself again while doing simple things in Tennessee like fishing and being outside. “It was all that I needed to keep going,” he said. “I found a piece . . . of myself that I was missing.”

The opening shot of Archuleta’s new music video shows the outline of a man sitting by himself on a street as silhouettes pass by and ignore one another. Archuleta joins them, looking lonely and out of place before singing the first line of lyrics to a dance beat:

“I am knocking, standing at your door,” he says, standing on top of a building in downtown Salt Lake City. The video alternates between scenes of Archuleta staying up late at night to being saved from loneliness by strangers who literally reach out and help him up.

Archuleta recalled the evening in rural Tennessee when the song came to him. “I was up all night and I had to get it [the song] out somehow,” he said. “The way I knew how to do that was going to the piano. And out came this melody. Out came these words.”

Watch Archuleta's behind-the-scenes video here:

Later in the video, Archuleta dances with a bit of Latin flair as he joins a crowd of people who dance the night away, seemingly without a care in the world. As he sings the lyrics, “Hear my heart and there’s an answered prayer,” Archuleta spreads the happiness he feels by finding stranger after stranger on the street that he extends a helping hand to, as well.

Since his experience on American Idol in 2007, Archuleta has released a number of albums and currently has over 63 million views on YouTube for his single “Crush.” But despite his success with music, Archuleta said that he wants his voice to be heard in new ways. “I know you’ve all been hearing my voice, but I feel like I haven’t really had the chance to say what I have to say,” he told listeners, hoping the video would encourage fans to find a place where they feel peace and belonging. “So, now I feel like my voice is actually being heard, in a way, for the first time. ...I’m excited to keep sharing more videos and more music with you.”