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As Mashable reported, Nutella’s parent company Ferrero will open the world’s first ever cafe based on the product in Chicago.

Prepare your sweet tooth (and set aside some savings for the dentist). A Nutella Cafe is headed to the United States.

As Mashable reported, Nutella’s parent company, Ferrero, will open the world’s first-ever cafe based on the product in Chicago. While other Nutella-themed eateries exist, this will be the first one owned and operated by Ferrero.

The restaurant’s design will also be unique, as it will "make you feel like you're actually walking into a jar of Nutella,” BIG Retail director of operations Angela Baird told the Chicago Tribune.

Noah Szporn, vice president of marketing for Ferrero, told The Tribune that Chicago’s rich food culture made it a perfect spot for the new restaurant.

"The food culture here is amazing … Chicago is different than other major cities," Szporn said. "We wanted to be a part of that, with our food bringing people together."

As HuffPost , there’s a Nutella Cafe in Toronto that offers breakfast items that include Nutella spread.