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Tony Dejak, AP
Cleveland Cavaliers' Daniel Gibson reacts during an NBA basketball game against the Miami Heat Wednesday, March 20, 2013, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

Former Cleveland Cavaliers player Daniel Gibson said he wrote music to curb his suicidal thoughts, according to USA Today.

Gibson, who left the NBA in 2015 to start his own urban radio station in New York and focus on a rap career, told Dime Magazine this week that he quit basketball because he suffered from depression.

He said he even contemplated suicide. These emotions came after he went through a divorce, his grandmother died, he had ankle surgery and couldn’t find an NBA team to play for.

“I was just hit with a flurry of events,” Gibson told Dime magazine. “Mentally, it just took away my ability to work out. I was suffering from depression and anxiety. Honestly, basketball was my sanctuary, but I couldn’t even do that.”

Gibson said he couldn’t find anyone to talk to about his issues, either. Music soon became a form of therapy for him, though, USA Today reported.

He said music saved his life.

“I just started writing, and someone close to me had started to read some of my work and kept up on what I was doing,” Gibson said. “He ended up telling me about ways that I could express myself and release my feelings through music with nobody around except a microphone. So I started doing that and writing about how I felt, what I wanted to feel like, what I wanted to accomplish, and it all just kept me going. It — along with my son — basically saved my life.”

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