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"Young Sheldon" is a prequel series to CBS's "The Big Bang Theory."

This fall, CBS will release a prequel series to "The Big Bang Theory" titled "Young Sheldon," which will follow the life of child genius Sheldon Cooper in East Texas.

Played expertly by Jim Parsons in "The Big Bang Theory," young Sheldon is almost alarmingly similar as portrayed by Iain Armitage in the new series. But, from the preview alone, it seems that the child Sheldon also has a sweet innocence that the adult lacks, which makes him all the more endearing and sympathetic as a character.

Viewers will get to see how young Sheldon navigates skipping ahead to high school at a young age and growing up a genius in a football-obsessed, prayer-having Southern family.

"Young Sheldon" is filmed single camera instead of multi-camera, and unlike "The Big Bang Theory" will have no laugh track. This also allows for more sweetness to enter the show and gives it its own feel completely separate from the original.

The half-hour comedy will play after "The Big Bang Theory" on Thursdays this fall on CBS.