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Letters to the Editor

The contempt article by Boyd Matheson (May 16) was right on. Contempt is the deep-seated feelings we humans feel before we demonstrate any unkind behaviors. Being contempt-able is within our scope of personal control as much as being reason-able is. The outward manifestations of learned contempt are so damaging to each victim and to our society. It is so heartbreaking that some of my young loved ones have been bullied, which damages their vulnerable souls. What has happened to “love thy neighbor as thyself” as a guide to kind interactions?

Though we are counseled not to take offense (when offenses are given), those in positions of authority have the obligation to set the example of noncontemptible behavior. I exhort President Trump to humble himself and stop his contemptible behavior and bullying of others.

I will be more considerate of others and more kind to them. Will you?

Elmary Davidson