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Utah Jazz guard Trey Burke (3) as the Utah Jazz and the LA Clippers play pre-season NBA basketball Monday, Oct. 13, 2014, in Salt Lake City.

ESPN's Chad Ford and Kevin Pelton ranked the best and worst lottery pick for each team and two players still on the Jazz were mentioned.

Deron Williams and Gordon Hayward were Utah's best picks, while Dante Exum was mentioned along side Trey Burke as the worst. Speaking of Utah's worst pick, ESPN wrote, "Utah gave up two first-round picks to move up for Burke, who fell out of the Wizards' rotation this season. Exum still has plenty of time to move out of this spot, particularly because he lost a season to a knee injury, but so far Marcus Smart and Elfrid Payton have been far more productive."

Plenty of other players with local ties also made the best-worst rankings, including Damian Lillard as the best pick in Portland, while Rafael Araujo and Michael Doleac were listed as the worst picks for the Orlando Magic and the Toronto Raptors.

Speaking of Lillard, they wrote, "The Blazers jump-started their rebuilding efforts by trading Gerald Wallace to the Nets for the No. 6 pick in 2012, which they used on Lillard. Wallace is long out of the league, while Lillard has become a star in Portland."

Talking about the Araujo pick, they wrote, "Araujo? He was already almost 24 and now is a poster child for why teams should not draft for need in the lottery."

Harvey Langi has a "good shot" to make the Patriots

Doug Moore of SB Nation's Patriots Pulpit broke down the odds for the Patriots defensive players to make the final roster, and he has former BYU player Harvey Langi listed in the "good shot" category.

Speaking of Langi's chances, Moore wrote, "After giving $115,000 guaranteed, which is almost unheard of for an undrafted free agent, coupled with the Patriots having their eye on him for some time, it’s hard not to envision Langi having a good shot at making the team as of right now. The team could use him as a rotational linebacker who can play in coverage, against the run and also rush the passer."

Kyle Van Noy and Eric Rowe were both listed as "roster locks" while former Utah player Jason Thompson is listed as a "long shot."

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Former Utah and current Raider defensive back Sean Smith did an amazing thing for his family recently as he bought his mom a house. He took to Instagram to share the news.