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Salt Lake City ranked ahead of Orlando, Florida; Austin, Texas; Grand Rapids, Michigan; and Tempe, Arizona in WalletHub’s report.

A new report from WalletHub ranked Salt Lake City as the best place to start a career.

Utah's capital city ranked ahead of Orlando, Florida; Austin, Texas; Grand Rapids, Michigan; and Tempe, Arizona, in WalletHub’s report.

Meanwhile, Newark, New Jersey, finished last on the list, with Cleveland, Ohio; Augusta, Georgia; Montgomery, Alabama; and Toledo, Ohio; rounding out the bottom five.

WalletHub compiled this report by comparing more than 150 cities nationwide based on 23 metrics, including availability of entry-level jobs and monthly average starting salary.

Some more interesting facts from the report:

  • Salt Lake City ranked first in both the “professional opportunities” and the “quality of life” rankings. The former ranking is based on availability of jobs, job growth and workforce diversity, among other employer-related factors.
  • The latter ranking measured cities based on family-friendliness, population growth and share of the population.
  • Durham, North Carolina, had the highest monthly average starting salary at $3,909, which is more than double the lowest, $1,447, in Honolulu.
  • Nearby Denver finished eighth on the list. Boise secured the 34th spot on the list.
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Source: WalletHub

In April, Salt Lake City ranked within the top 10 best cities for graduates based on a report from ZipRecruiter, placing at No. 6. The Utah capital city ranked ahead of Boston and San Francisco, as reported in the Deseret News.

The tech sector offered the best opportunities for college grads.

Salt Lake City also ranked as the city with the lowest unemployment rate in that report.

The Beehive State’s capital previously ranked as the eighth best city for jobs overall, according to a WalletHub report last year.