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Hailey Devine pays tribute to her mother in a video which includes footage from Iceland.

From music to memories, social media was full of posts this past week honoring mothers. YouTube highlights included a new Kid History comedy sketch, footage from Iceland, and a cover of the Beatles song “Let it Be." Twitter and Instagram users David Archuleta, Elaine Bradley and Donny Osmond also thanked their mothers by reminiscing on photos from times past.

The Bored Shorts crew asked their children to imagine the best ways to make moms feel special on Mother’s Day. Doing the dishes, making jewelry and writing nice notes are all part of the plan in this Kid History snippet. Sometimes, though, even the best of intentions can go awry:

Scenes of wild plains, raging waterfalls and Icelandic horses grace Hailey Devine’s Mother’s Day video. In a tribute to her best friend and mother, Devine sends her love from halfway around the world to the woman she calls her “best friend.”

Gentri does a cover of the well-known Beatles song “Let it Be” in a soulful blend of piano and three-part harmonies. The lyrics were originally inspired by Paul McCartney’s mother Mary, who passed away 10 years earlier. Appearing to her son in a dream, Mary offered McCartney the famous words of comfort in the song's title.

Singing one of their mother’s favorite songs, Five Strings performs a cover of Tim McGraw’s “Humble and Kind," a song written by Lori McKenna, which hit No. 1 in June 2016. The five siblings, squished next to each other on the couch and accompanied by guitar, recorded the video as a thank you to mothers everywhere.

From the moment a baby is born, so is a mother, says this LDS Media Library video. The clip reflects on mothers past and present who form an eternal bond with their children, thanking them for the countless acts of service they give.

In “A Mother's Lullaby,” Clay Christiansen plays a reflective soothing organ solo that would help put any collicky baby to sleep. The organ, located in the Salt Lake Tabernacle at Temple Square, boasts of 11,623 pipes.

Drummer Elaine Bradley publicly thanked her mother on Mother’s Day via Instagram. Reminiscing about her childhood by posting an old photo, the fading picture shows the close friendship the two share.

Motherhood is a journey for Al Carraway, who posted emotional and lighthearted memories about her children on Twitter.

Better than chocolates and flowers, Carraway said she prefers homemade Mother’s Day gifts.

David Archuleta shared a memory of his mother on Instagram, thanking her for helping him to appreciate the small things in life—including good food. The painting of Christ hanging on the wall and Archuleta’s Charlie Brown shirt add to the photo’s homey feel.

Generations of mothers are what makes the Osmond family who they are today, tweeted Donny Osmond on Sunday.

A mother’s love reminds her child of the love of God, tweeted Elder M. Russell Ballard’s Twitter account on Mother’s Day.

Elder Quentin L. Cook’s Twitter account sent out a thank you note to mothers everywhere:

Elder D. Todd Christofferson’s Twitter account expressed gratitude for all women, including mothers and the great influence they have on their children.

In a post about his wife, Elder Ronald A. Rasband’s Twitter account spoke of his great love for his companion.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s Twitter account posted about the similarities between Jesus Christ and mothers.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks' Facebook account paid tribute to his mother, who raised he and his siblings as a single mother after her husband passed away after just 11 years of marriage.