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Devon Dewey , KSL

PROVO — The Utah County Sheriff's Office on Sunday closed part of the Provo River Parkway Trail due to high runoff and a portion of the trail being eroded away by the water.

The trail was closed above and below Canyon Glen Park. Utah County Sheriff's Sgt. Spencer Cannon tweeted pictures of where the water is undercutting part of the trail in that area.

With the trail already closed at Bridal Veil Falls due to demolition of an old tram and restaurant there, Cannon said the new closure didn't leave much of the trail open inside the canyon. However, he said deputies are concerned about the possibility of someone walking along the trail and unexpectedly falling in and being swept away because the ground underneath them has collapsed into the river.

Cannon also noted that the Utah Central Water Conservancy District was trying to make room for runoff into Deer Creek Reservoir by diverting water from there. He said he couldn't remember a time in recent years where the county has had this kind of problem due to the high runoff.

An example of how much water was being diverted could be seen at the mouth of Provo Canyon where water was being released above Canyon View Park.