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Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
Utah Jazz forward Joe Ingles talks to the media during the end of season press conference at the Zions Bank Basketball Center in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, May 9, 2017.

SALT LAKE CITY — One day after the series between the Utah Jazz and Golden State Warriors concluded, a couple members of the Jazz fielded nightlife questions during exit interviews Tuesday.

Maybe it will finally bring the topic to rest.

Ingles walked into his interview at the team’s practice facility with one of the #Nightlife T-shirts the organization produced and sold after members of the Warriors shared their thoughts on the Salt Lake City nightlife. That, naturally, prompted the question of what Ingles’ nightlife consists of.

It was an answer that likely rings true for many in family-friendly Utah.

“I’ve got 9-month-old twins. My nightlife finishes about 8 p.m," Ingles said. "I love Utah. It was something that before I came here, it wasn’t on my bucket list to visit. Once you get here — and obviously with (wife) Renae and the kids — it was a perfect city for us.”

That was one of many lighter moments during exit interviews, as well as when Boris Diaw, asked to describe how he’d pitch Utah as a potential destination to free agents, quickly quipped, “Great nightlife.”

Here’s a look at some of the other lighthearted moments of undoubtedly a long day.

Mic drop

When Rudy Gobert got up to leave after his interview, he tripped over the mic cord, sending the microphone crashing to the ground. The same thing happened to Ingles when he followed Gobert to the stand, prompting someone on hand to remark, “that’s a new way to drop the mic.”

Waiting, waiting, waiting

The longest wait of the day between interviews happened near the end. After Dante Exum, Rodney Hood, Raul Neto and Joel Bolomboy gave their exit interviews in quick succession, an hour and a half passed before the final player, Trey Lyles, emerged to be interviewed by the media.

The long wait prompted members of the media to find ways to pass the time.

Clean up

As Bolomboy left the stand following his interview, KSL Jazz beat writer Andy Larsen had one last round of questions, and they weren’t about on-court play. Instead, Larsen asked about Bolomboy recently being pranked by having his car filled with popcorn and the tires removed.

The rookie who bounced back and forth from the D-League’s SLC Stars to the Jazz said he took his car to a detailing service to remedy the popcorn prank and “it took about six hours” to remove it.

Cal Ripken appearance

During interview sessions such as these, it’s common for team personnel to call a reporter’s name to indicate when it’s their turn to ask a question. On the second-to-last question of the day, Jazz Vice President of Public Relations Jonathan Rinehart called out that Cal Ripken had a question.

No, the Hall of Fame baseball player really hadn’t ventured to Utah to find out more about the Jazz. Cal, in this case, was really Deseret News reporter/columnist Randy Hollis, who wore a Baltimore Orioles hat to the event.

By the numbers

For the record, the exit interviews press event lasted nearly six and a half hours, including the long wait for Lyles, and featured 126 questions.

Trying transcribing all of that.