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Video screen grab
Glenn Beck, left, talks with Tim Ballard, the founder of Operation Underground Railroad, on a recent trip to Thailand.

Political commentator Glenn Beck recently traveled to Thailand with Operation Underground Railroad's Tim Ballard to measure progress in the fight against human trafficking in that part of the world, specifically steps that are being taken to capture human traffickers as well as the steps the organization is taking to help victims after they are rescued.

"Nobody's talking about slavery," Beck said in the video. "And it's twice as bad as it was when we all said, 'Oh if I were alive, I'd be standing up.'"

They documented their visit with a five-minute video posted on OUR's Facebook page Tuesday.

In the video, Beck said the group met with Thailand's government and law enforcement officials.

"I was a little overwhelmed with the respect they gave to Tim and OUR," Beck said. "OUR has provided the government with a way to actually capture (predators) and it's a joint project with the department of Homeland Security, it's our FBI with the Thai government. This is going to be the hub and the real explosion of light in this part of the world to be able to capture these guys."

See the full video on Facebook.