Some of Donny Osmond's mannerisms were inspiration for the character Prince Hans in "Frozen."

From pizza to pineapple, this week’s Mormon Mentions features musicians and actors on the hunt for a good meal and a good laugh — even if the joke is on them.

Donny Osmond revealed he might have been in a Disney film other than "Mulan" and, in case fans are experiencing Vocal Point withdrawals, a new music video of the singing group will be released next week. General authorities for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reflected on their messages given in General Conference and encourage members to be active in their faith and to help those in need.


Osmond revealed that his nephew, an animation supervisor for Disney, used some of his uncle’s mannerisms as inspiration for the character Prince Hans in the movie "Frozen." Check out the similarities between Osmond and Prince Hans here:

Lindsey Stirling and pineapple fruit might have some similarities in this surprising tweet:

Studio C tweeted earlier this week it's adding three new members to the cast.

Whether pizza is a meal for dinner or a potential spirit animal, Studio C’s Natalie Madsen and her daughter are up for either.

James The Mormon took “man’s best friend” to a new level while shopping at the grocery store on Tuesday night.


Vocal Point says its newest music video will be released next week.

A fan of Brandon Sanderson discovered a well-worn copy of “Mistborn, the Final Empire” in Alcatraz.

Al Carraway encouraged those who feel lonely or forgotten on Thursday night.

Carraway also tweeted about Super Adoption Day Friday morning.

On the LDS Church Instagram account, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf spoke about an experience he had visiting refugee camps in the Middle East.

“These people were not of our faith, but they were our brothers and sisters and they urgently needed help,” he said. "... the active faith of our Church members brings help, relief, and hope to our fellowmen in need, regardless of their religion, nationality, or education.”

The same Instagram account shared a photo of President Henry B. Eyring and his sons Friday morning. In the post, President Eyring reflected on a moment when he was frustrated with his sons that turned into a moment of peace due to a prompting by the Holy Ghost.

“I am eternally grateful that the Lord rescued me from unkind feelings by sending the Holy Ghost to let me see a child of God as He saw him,” he said.

The Facebook account of Elder Neil L. Anderson remembered Elder Bruce Porter, an old friend of the apostle’s. Elder Porter suffered from a kidney defect for more than two decades and wrote his testimony of Jesus Christ in a letter to his children. Elder Anderson said his friend’s letter teaches “overcoming the world does not mean we live a cloistered life. ... Rather, it opens up the more expansive view of faith, drawing us to the Savior and His promises.”

This Easter, I am again reminded of the Christlike example of my friend, Elder Bruce Porter, and of an Easter letter he...

Posted by Neil L Andersen on Sunday, April 16, 2017

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