Keith Srakocic, AP
In this Monday, April 24, 2017, photo, corporate signage hangs at a McDonald's restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh. McDonald's Corp. reports earnings on Tuesday, April 25. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

Sorry, McDonald’s enthusiasts. A staple drink will no longer be sold there.

The fast-food chain will phase out Hi-C Orange after May 1, according to HuffPost. McDonald’s announced the decision in a memo to McDonald’s managers and operators this week.

McDonald’s new contract with Coca-Cola inspired the change. The hamburger chain will add Sprite TropicBerry soda instead, HuffPost reported. called Hi-C Orange “the same refreshing beverage that cooled you off after a romp around the PlayPlace and tasted especially good with McNuggets dipped in honey.”

McDonald’s confirmed to Eat This, Not That! that the stores will continue to sell the drink until its inventory runs out.

"Its gonna be a fun few weeks up ahead. Hi-C is one of the more popular drinks at my location,” one reddit user said, according to Eat This.

Twitter didn’t seem to happy with the decision.

That's not the only chanage at the burger gaint. McDonald’s also changed up their employee uniforms into black and silver outfits, according to the Deseret News.

Social media compared the uniforms to something from “Star Wars” or “50 Shades of Gray.”