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David Archuleta is shown in a past music video.

David Archuleta released a new single Tuesday, the first song released from “Orion," the singer's new album which will be released May 19. The single, “Up All Night,” emphasizes his quest to be present in the moment and disconnect from things that don’t matter.

Archuleta previously shared that he was taking a break from social media in an effort to live in the moment instead of thinking about likes. He posted on Instagram, saying, “Sometimes I get caught up to see if I am having enough interesting moments and witty remarks that will catch enough attention from people. I start rating my self-worth and how good my life is based on if someone chooses to look at my picture and like it or not.”

After disconnecting from social media and taking a break, Archuleta started finding motivation to write again.

“A family living in rural Tennessee invited me over to go fishing at their pond. None of the kids even had smartphones at the time. They took me in and when I got home I realized I felt whole again,” Archuleta told People magazine. “I was so confused with what happened that I couldn’t sleep. I had to get out what I was feeling so I went to the keyboard and recorded the verse and chorus with some lyrics that night.”

The single, with a style somewhere between dubstep and a salsa, echoes the self-reflection Archuleta experienced with lyrics that say, “All these feelings inside, keeping me up all night, pictures that cross my mind, they’re keeping me up all night.”

Click here to hear Archuleta’s new song.