I believe that free speech is a God-given gift to men and women everywhere and that no restrictions should be put on it. God has given us a nation and we as people believe that we can express ourselves however we see fit; even if those ways are hurtful or of “bad taste.” So yes, at times some lines are crossed with negative comments towards certain people, but as we express our own disapproval towards those people we are only feeding the negativity. We must understand that some people are offensive with the way that they speak; but honestly can we blame them if that is how they were raised?

Years ago in Canada, there was an issue with free speech. And that issue was to the point where any politically incorrect speech was banned in Canada. For any comment that was demeaning to the smallest degree, the people could face dire consequences. The Canadian Supreme Court ruled that the government could limit free speech for the worthwhile goals of ending discrimination, ensuring social harmony and/or promoting sex equality.

Seeing how things worked out in Canada makes me wonder how successful such a venture would be in the USA. Would it work? Could it work? Should it happen? Either way, free speech, although abused to the point of hate speech, should not be limited because it is God-given and no person or government has the right to strip us of this privilege.

Chris Uribe