I appreciate your editorial on reducing inversions in the Salt Lake Valley, and I agree that improving air quality is the responsibility of every Utahn. But the real responsibility lies with Gov. Gary Herbert and the Utah Legislature.

A look at campaign filings for Herbert’s own campaign show more than $250,000 coming in from polluting industries during 2016 alone. Just this year, Herbert signed a bill into law allowing outdoor cooking, commercial or otherwise, on bad air days. He succumbed to the pressure and donations from the outdoor grill manufacturers, successfully closing the door to new regulations to help clean up Utah’s air.

And records show companies regulated by the State Division of Air Quality show over a hundred active lobbyist registrations in the Utah Lobbyist Database, meaning polluting industries are active and invested in what happens in the Utah Legislature. And all of us are painfully aware, when it comes to the Utah Legislature, money talks, everything else walks.

I agree with your statement that our local geography tends to produce inversions. And yes, much can be done to reduce the intensity of these inversions, but solutions need to begin at the top with the governor and the Utah Legislature. Ordinary citizens can do only so much.

Willy Bautner

Salt Lake City